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Jimmy Carnelli

A simple evening with Mr. Carnelli will take you on a musical journey of romantic and optimistic days.

Jimmy Carnelli has been described as “a great American crooner” in the mould of Vic Damon, James Darren, Tony Bennett, Johnny Fontane, Steve Lawrence, Dean Martin, Al Martino and yes, Mr. Sinatra.

His heartfelt story-telling of his 30+ plus year career as a touring and session musician comes with a unique perspective from a drum set and not the front of the stage. 

As a world-class drummer, Jimmy has been featured at Carnegie Hall with Grammy Award legend, Roger Williams & world-wide with the rock band Player (Baby, Come Back). Jimmy has been compared to the Italian-American Greats. Though he prefers to draw his musical inspiration with his own voice and not as a tribute singer. 
The honesty he brings to his musical interpretations has audiences across the country asking why has he been hiding behind the drum set for so long?