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Winston Churchill - Leadership Expert Speaker

Randy Otto - WINSTON CHURCHILL LEADERSHIP EXPERT Speaker, Retreats, Workshops, Master Classes and Assemblies

his portrayal of Churchill and his mastery of the historical sources underpinning his characterization, and his enthusiasm for its importance is currently relevant”.
— - Allen Packwood, Director, Churchill Archives Centre – Churchill College, Cambridge University, Cambridge UK

ACTION THE DAY! Customized Leadership Keynote Speeches & Summit Meetings utilizing Winston Churchill's leadership principles.

Sample of Winston Churchill’s 8 Principles of Leadership

  1. Have a Clear Vision Which Drives All Strategies

  2. Organize to Overcome Opposition

  3. Communicate From Experience Using Simple Words

  4. Turn Details Into Action

  5. Encourage a Culture of Innovation

  6. Touch the Troops

  7. Place Top Talent & Be Magnanimous

  8. Remember, Nothing Inspires Like Optimistic Enthusiasm

SHOWS include

MAN of the CENTURY (For Non-Profits Charity Fundraising) Customized Churchill for your non-profit fundraising efforts custom designed to your fundraiser… Winston Churchill was also a Rotarian.

WINSTON CHURCHILL SPEAKS Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak and courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

WINSTON CHURCHILL LISTENS - ASK WINSTON! An interactive Q&A with Winston Churchill is included with all presentations.

Corporate Retreat Facilitator (TOUCH THE TROOPS) Winston & Randy Lead Weekend/Full-Day/Half-Day Retreats

Dining with Winston Churchill - Winston’s Personal Chef / Sommelier: Unforgettable!

High Tea with Winston Churchill (optional)

Painting as a Pastime - Banishing the Black Dog From the book of the same name by Winston S. Churchill A Creativity-At-Work Churchill-Style Dramatic one-Act commissioned by the National Churchill Museum